A New Tow Bar


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Part #50800 Comes With 1 ¼” Ball For The Cart Or Truck. $249.00 In Stock
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A New Tow Bar

Raising the front end just a few inches over a set of swivel wheels gives great mobility. With a golf cart you can place your digger into tight places that would normally take a few pushers and a lot more time. Without touching the body it will straddle the nose of most full bodied cars with the hard rubber wheels turned at 90 deg.

It’s simple; you place the rubber padded saddles under the front axle and then couple the socket end to the ball beneath the rear seat of the golf cart. In less than a minute you’ll have your car following any tight turns you make with the golf cart. No cart? Use your Woody, your pick-up or Trike. No pushing!

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A New Tow Bar

Part #50800 comes with 1 ¼” ball for the cart or truck.


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