“Real Men” – Famous Wheel Stand Run – 1964 Carlsbad Raceway


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The story of the run as told by Joe Schubeck is printed on the back of the Autographed Photo

Carlsbad Raceway Wheel Stand Qualifying Run
On a solo qualifying run at Carlsbad Raceway in California, I launched with what I thought was a good start, but then the front end started coming up. My first instinct was to lift and abort the run, but I liked the way it kept going straight, so I decided, let’s wait and see. To my surprise it stayed straight with about a foot under the front wheels. The engine sounded sharp at full throttle, so I thought; let’s just see where this goes. It drove straight as an arrow down the track not varying more than a foot.

A photographer, at mid track snapped the most popular photo of my racing career. How he managed to get the heavy trail of tire smoke, the shadow under the elevated front half of the car from the bright overhead sun, the Carlsbad Raceway sign centered three hundred feet in the background and all in perfect focus is still a mystery to me.

The front wheels finally settled down around the 1000 ft. mark and I was told later that the crowd went wild. It was just one of those runs where everything was balanced just right and I was glad that I stayed in it. It was a very exciting qualifying to say the least. The run was in the low 7 sec. E.T.
This photograph was used many times in drag racing newspapers, magazines and books for many years both in the US and in other countries. Some say it was one of the most publicized photos ever taken at a drag racing event.

“Gentleman Joe” Schubeck 1964


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