Load leveler with chains


load leveler with chains

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Most of us are aware that a race car can be damaged in the process of traveling to and from the events, more so than it goes through after it’s unloaded at the event. After having suffered chassis damage in the trailer with my own car, I decided to fabricate a stable method to support my Vintage Cackle Car and came up with an A Frame bolted to the trailer floor above the strongest section of it’s main frame on each side. The section across the top supports pulleys that guide the lifting cable that originates from a 2500 lb 12V. elect. Winch that can lift the engine right out of the chassis if need be, however, we only need to apply enough lifting force to stabilize the the load and keep the engine weight from working the chassis and suspension throughout the trip.

Notice that we have the chain secured to the engine through special lifting hooks that are bolted to the water in passage ways on the 57 Chrysler heads. And I say special hooks because, when they are not in use suspending the engine, they are mounts for our electric gauges

Watch my short video and I’ll show you how you can avoid these unnecessary expenses by using my bolt together Universal A Frame.


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