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Part #50610 Includes Valve, Elec. Pump And All Electrical Components And Wiring $275.00 In Stock
Part #50600 Alum Tank Partitioned 8/2 Gal. With Outlets $899.00 In Stock
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Schubeck High Performance Solutions introduces a new fuel supply system for Vintage Nitro engines. The system is controlled remotely or by the person in the driver seat for the flow of alcohol from an onboard supply for warm up and the switch to nitro into the engine.

The system requires an alcohol supply on board separate from the main nitro fuel tank. This special tank was designed with two separate compartments inside. Closest to the engine is approximately two gallon for alcohol with the remaining tank partitioned to hold eight gallons of nitro.

A 12V valve controlled by a micro switch actuated by the main nitro shut off valve, allows alcohol to flow into an electric pump, which feeds alcohol to the top of the blower. A three second push on the button by the driver is equal to three squirts from a squeeze bottle.

When it is time to make some real noise, the main shutoff valve is opened allowing fuel from the eight gallon section of the tank to feed the engine through the race ready fuel system. This action simultaneously closes off the alcohol flow to the engine.

Gone is the squeeze bottle and the long hose attached to the large alky bottle beside the car.

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Fuel Supply System

Part #50600 Alum Tank partitioned 8/2 gal. with outlets, Part #50610 Includes Valve, Elec. Pump and all electrical components and wiring


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